Low Cost Spay / Neuter for Feral Cats

These are our feral cats that live outdoors, they have special cat house for the winter months and are fed and taken care of on a daily basis. Each one has been spayed or neutered and are current on their vaccinations.

Dr. Greco has opened his doors to managing the feral cat colonies in the community. Feeding stray cats facilitates their reproduction and while living outside kittens are often born sick and unable to survive. By trapping and having them altered, you can create a controlled healthy environment for them to survive. They are released back into their environment and live healthy lives.

The cost for each feral or stray cat is $60. There is an additional fee for termination of any pregnancy and a flea treatment will be applied at additional cost if the pet is found to have fleas. We strive to keep our hospital a flea-free community.

Please see THIS FLYER for more information