Services We Offer

Pet Health Examinations

-Our doctors and veterinary technicians will review your pets previous medical and vaccination history, as well as perform a thorough examination to provide recommendations to keep your pet happy and healthy all year long!

House Calls 

– One of our caring doctors will gladly come to your home, examine and treat your pet in the comfort of your own home. If further testing or radiographs are needed, our veterinarian will transport your pet to the hospital and back home after we are finished.


-What vaccines are recommended to an individual pet depend on many factors: what kind of exposure to disease does the animal have, what diseases are common in the area, what kind of stress factors are in the home situation, etc. Our trained and dedicated staff will let you know which vaccinations are required or recommended for your pet.

Fecal Testing and Deworming

-Annual fecal examinations are recommended on all animals as part of a yearly health exam. This tests for intestinal parasites such as tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, coccidia, giardia, etc. Some of these parasites are microscopic and you would never know they are there! If your pet is found to have an intestinal parasite, we will treat your pet accordingly and let you know how to treat the house and yard.


-We understand that surgery is a stressful time for both the pet and owner. We take every effort to make sure your pet stay calm and comfortable during their stay.


-Dental health is an important part of your pets health. The bacteria from tartar build up on the teeth spread to the heart, kidneys and liver through the bloodstream, on top of them having stinky breath! We offer dentistry for all patients big and small. After a thorough cleaning, dental radiographs (X-Rays) will be performed to see what is going on underneath the gums, If any extractions are needed, your pet will be given pain medication accordingly to keep them comfortable.